Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

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Heal yourself with Herbals

Heal yourself with Hurbals

When it comes to health, the world has realized that an integrative approach towards healing and preventing diseases is the way forward. While we need medicines and pills in certain clinical cases, there are a majority of cases that can managed by starting a modern apothecary at home. Just like farmers stock their pantries and root cellars, herbalists stock their herbal medicine cabinets with the bounty of plants they love.

“Native tribes across the world, till date, use traditional methods of healing whenever the body falls out of its natural state of balance. Modern-day herbalism is an attempt to go back to and revive the lost science, probably after realizing the futility and side effects of exposing oneself to modern healing methods”.

Coping Mechanism

Like most hobbies, herbalism has become a coping tool in the face of growing illnesses. There are herb walks organized around the world and plant-identification books are going off the shelves at bookstores. People are signing up for weekend hobby class on learning to grow herbs.

Consider the joy of plucking fresh mint or lemon balm leaves and brewing it into a tea… it can be a great way to cope with stress. Lemon balm tea for insomnia, salt soaks for tired nerves and digestive bitters for a healthy gut. The way to deal with modern-day maladies is to create your own salve for the soul.

Green Medicine

A lot of chronic diseases today start from inflammation which occurs due to toxic and inflammatory foods. The origin of type II diabetes mellitus, organ failures. Herbs are nature’s potent way to counter inflammation and restore health. Many herbs such as celery, mint, cilantro and curry leaves have the property of chelating toxic heavy metals from the body. The most important self-care is preventive medicine. By relearning our ancestral connection with plants, we can hope to tap into ancient wisdom and healing abilities.

Healing Potions: from recipes like adaptogen-infused hot chocolate to herby sleep drinks, wellness enthusiasts are becoming more creative about how they use magic herbs.

Go Outside: The best place to start on your herbalism journey is out doors go for walks along riversides, in the woods, through fields, and along hedgerows. Learn to identify plats, trees, and flowers.