Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

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Do not forget in the gym

If you also practice in the gym then you should take care of some important things, otherwise you may be a victim of injuries.

Do not do anything at the gym without resorting to exercise. If you do a good warm-up then you can avoid the cramps and muscles tires.

Also, while doing weight training, definitely focus on your form. Forms are also most important to achieve good results and avoid injuries.

Do not show off at the gym at all. If you can not afford the weight after a limit then do not lift it altogether. It is a risk of injury.

During the exercise, due to lack of full attention on breathing, the body may lack oxygen. For this reason many times people become unconscious too. Therefore, during the excursion, keep in mind that your breath should not be slow. In this case, breathe in both the mouth and nose.