Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

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Need to know about NIPAH

The basic difference between the Nipah virus and swine flu is that for swine flu drugs and vaccines are available whereas for Nipah there is no treatment or anti viral medication,” Manoj Sharma, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi told IANS.

Nipah virus that can damage people’s mind, can be avoided by adopting some simple measures. The Nipah Virus, which started in Malaysia in 1998, replaced the place named Kungpang Sungai. Nipah, has returned to India after 10 years. In 2001 and 2007, this virus was also detected in Siliguri in West Bengal.
Kerala Health Minister KK Selja said in the press conference. Now it is spreading in Kerala city. Nipah virus is murderous for both animal and human. Once again in Kerala the knock of dangerous nipah virus, a person in Kochi has been affected. After this, the state government has once again come to the alert. The Nipah virus has been attacked in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts. The nipah virus
is very dangerous that damages people’s brains, Actually the nipah virus naturally spreads from vertebrate animals to humans.

The symptoms of nipah virus infection start with encephalic syndrome, including sudden onset of fever, headache, myelagia, vomiting, swelling, disturbance, and mental delusion.

death rate of Nepah 9 to 75 percent. There is no effective treatment for nipah virus infection. The main basis of treatment is focus on the management of fever and nerve related symptoms. Transition control measures are important because the transmission can happen individually. Severely ill person needs intensive care.

Nipah virus has been classified internationally as Bio-Security Level (BSL) 4 agent. To work with dangerous and foreign agents, Biosafety Level 4 is required, which produces a high personal risk of aerosol-infected laboratory infection and life-threatening illness. It is often fatal, for which there is no vaccine or treatment.

Keep caution

Make sure that the food you eat is not contaminated with bats or their feces. Avoid eating bits of bats, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages made in open containers near palm trees, avoid contact with anybody suffering from the disease. Clean and wash your hands thoroughly, clean the toilet’s buckets and mugs, clothes, utensils and accessories used for the patient separately. It is important to cover the face while carrying a dead body of any person who dies after a niph fever.Avoid hugging or kissing the dead person.