Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

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BJP’s Assam MLA Angoorlata Deka’s viral ‘picture’

BJP’s Assam MLA Angoorlata Deka’s viral ‘picture’

You will be SHOCKED to know the truth!

New Delhi: A Beautiful lady’s picture is going viral on Twitter. It’s been said that the Beautiful Young woman in the photo is BJP’s MLA from Assam, Angoorlata Deka.

” But Some people are circulating this picture without knowing the truth. Share this truth on WhatsApp groups and other social media to make internet a believable source of information,” Sapna Vyas Patel wrote on Instagram.

What’s the truth behind the picture?

The picture going viral is NOT of Angoorlata Deka.

Picture was Sapna Vayas Patel

On Wednesday, a number of Twitter users strongly lashed out at Bollywood film maker Ram Gopal Verma after he tweeted a picture of Angoorlata Deka.