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Lohri 2020: Here’s how your favourite TV stars are celebrating the festival

Lohri 2020: Here’s how your favourite TV stars are celebrating the festival

New Delhi: The festival of Lohri is celebrated every year on January 13 with much spirit and gusto. People get together in huge numbers and get soaked in the festive fervor of the day in the evening. The festival holds a greater significance in the states of Punjab and Haryana. Therefore, the Punjabi diaspora, settled abroad celebrates Lohri there with equal zest and zeal.

History of Lohri

Lohri is a joyous time to celebrate by eating gur and peanuts, singing songs and share the warmth of a bonfire with family and loved ones. A week before Lohri, children start gathering firewood, hunting for logs that will burn well. A spirit of good-natured rivalry binds the community together and every one takes pride in making the biggest and most grand bonfire in their neighborhood.

In the evening of Lohri, the fire of the bonfire blazes high and a circle of warmth surrounds the people on this cold winter’s night. The wood crackles and burns and the people gather around, their faces glowing red and gold. Lohri is essentially a festival dedicated to the Sun god. As the Sun moves towards the Uttarayan, the new configuration bestows warmth to mother earth. The seeds that lay dormant for the want of heat, now sprout forth.

Lohri marks the winter solstice, welcoming the beautiful summer sunshine with open arms. Lohri is celebrated one day before Makar Sankranti, also known as Maghi.

Anita Raj: Being a Punjabi myself I always look forward to celebrating the festival. This year I am shooting but will celebrate with my family and close friends after the shoot. Fortunately, even on our show, we are shooting for a Lohri sequence so we will have a perfect pre-Lohri celebration on the sets itself with my Choti Sarrdaarni family. I love sitting around the bonfire eating Gajak mithai and most importantly enjoy doing the Bhangra all night.

Avinesh Rekhi: The best thing about Lohri is that it falls in winters which is my favourite season of the year. I always make sure that I celebrate this festival in Chandigarh with my family and close friends but this year due to my work commitments I will be in Mumbai. I love gorging on food, sweets and most importantly the Lohri special groundnuts. I will celebrate the festival with my wife and kids once I am back home. It feels good to be sitting around the bonfire with all your near and dear ones close to you.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia: We, my the festival of Lohri like it is our new year. Every year I visit Gurudwara first thing in the morning and will visit even this year, depending on my shoot schedule. I’ll be celebrating the festival with the cast and crew of my show Chotti Sardarni. We also have a major Lohri sequence on the show which made me feel like it was the real celebration.